WHM Guide

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Where should you put your 30 stats

So you have 30 stats points and you cannot decide on which stats to dump them into. Generally most people dump them into Mind to get a little more heals, but the number is negligible. But having more Mind helps with your Holy damage when you switch to Cleric Stance.

Some people have also considered adding into Piety instead, giving them more MP (Shroud of Saints give you a fixed 212 MP regen per tick, no matter what)

But at Coil Turn 5, you will realize that in order to survive the Fireball phase, you will need at least a max HP of 4300 (this is for those doing 3 stacks instead of 4 stacks), and adding Vit would give you the needed HP.

I recommend having a few The Keeper’s Hymn (10k Grand Company Seals, exchange at your respective GC Quartermaster) to reset your stats to whatever is require of you for your raid team. Frankly extra heals you get from 30 Mind is not a big deal, I would rather add to Piety or Vit.