WHM Guide

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Useful Macros
Here’s a list of some useful WHM macros that I use, and it hopefully it help makes your job as a healer more easier and efficient. Do note that I have removed all my Mouseover <mo> macros because I found them extremely unreliable in this game, instead here’s a few that I still use.
Important: Make sure you go to your chat setting (gear button on the chat box bottom right) and uncheck Error Messages under General -> Notification, since you will be getting a lot error notification.

Forcing Heals to only heal target (and not you)

/macroicon “Benediction”

/ac “Benediction” <t>

There will be instances where you are trying to Benedict a tank and it ends up healing yourself instead or when you are trying to heal someone who just got ressed and the heal ends up healing you instead. It’s extremely frustrating to waste it, so it’s good to use the <t> command. This also works for all your other heals, so if you really don’t like to be in that kind of situations you can also use it on Regen, Cure, Cure II, Cure III.

Speed Res

/macroicon “Raise”

/p Raising <t>

/ac “Swiftcast”


/ac “Raise” <t>

Raise takes forever to cast and it’s always better to use Swiftcast first before you Raise a player. Instant Raise is a must. Get your THM to Lv 26 ASAP.This macro also announces to your party that you will be Raising <player’s name>, so that people know they are being raise and won’t respawn (happens too many damned times).

1 Button Eye for An Eye + Virus

/macroicon “Virus”

/ac “Eye for An Eye” <t>

/ac “Virus” <tt>

This macro is useful for those who want to save hotkey space, and since I always have a habit of throwing Eye for An Eye and Virus on the tank/tank’s target respectively, this is a useful 1 button macro. Just select your tank, spam macro for Eye for An Eye on tank and the Virus will hit your tank’s target (used usually on bosses).

DoT Rotation Spam

/macroicon “Aero II”

/ac “Aero II” <tt>

/ac “Aero II” <t>

/wait 2.7

/ac “Thunder” <tt>

/ac “Thunder” <t>

/wait 2.7

/ac “ Aero” <tt>

/ac “ Aero” <t>

/wait 0.7

/ac “Virus” <tt>

/ac “Virus” <t>

/recast “Virus’

Sometimes if you want to contribute a little DPS to the party you might want to throw in some DoTs. Remember to pick up Thunder and Virus from THM and ACN respectively. This will allow you to DoT your tank’s target <tt>, and also you can use it directly on monsters if you wish.
I’ve tried putting Cleric Stance into this macro but it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes Cleric Stance triggers but the DoTs don’t. Putting a longer waiting time makes this pretty useless too. So now I will manually turn on Cleric Stance before using this macro, and then turning it off when it’s done.


/macroicon “Repose”

/mk ignore1 <t>

/p Sleeping <t>

/ac “Repose” <t>

Sometimes if your dungeon party does not have a BLM, then Sleeping duties lies on you. Boohoo, no AoE sleep. =( This macro sets a Ignore mark on your target and also informs your party that you are sleeping which target.
If you have a good tank who marks all the targets from 1 to 4, always Sleep number 4 first, follow by 3, pop a heal/regen on your tank if necessary, then Sleep 2. Sleeping the adds will help you more because you don’t have to heal so much. You may not be able to keep up with healing if 4 targets are hitting your tank. Also use Shroud of Saints if you get aggro from adds that wake up from sleep.
Remember: When you sleep a target, they will sleep for 30s. You can start refreshing sleep when the tick is around 4. But upon sleeping a target for the 2nd time, the target will only sleep for 15s. And if you have to sleep for the 3rd time, your target will sleep for 7s. If you try to sleep the same target again it will fail as the target would be immune to sleep by then.

Speedy Holy

/macroicon “Holy”

/ac “Presence of Mind” <me>


/ac “Holy” <me>

This macro is probably only useful once you are a geared at 50 doing WP speedruns. This will let you spam Holy quicker with Presence of Mind.