WHM Guide

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User Interface/HUD Layout

This is a screenshot of my current healing UI layout. Here’s some explanation:[​IMG]

1. Party list is on my left, close to my character. This allows me to heal quickly without having to move my mouse to the extreme left corner (default).

2. The 5 important cooldown to track and take note of are on on a separate hotbar to the right of me. This give me better visual awareness of when to use them and when the procs are ready, on top of the audio cues I get from FFXIVapp (more on this later).

3. Focus Target (Shift-F) and Monster Aggro meter are placed to the right, Focus target is usually used on boss to let me know when an impending skill is being casted. [​IMG]
Especially with hard hitting skills from bosses, sometimes you will need to precast your heals so it tops up the tank nicely before an auto-attack KOs your tank.

The Monster aggro meter is useful for you to know which monster you drawing too much threat from.
Since you don’t have the luxury of constantly targeting the monsters (unlike Tanks/DPS), you don’t exactly know how much aggro ranking you have (the little number on the left of your class icon in the party group). Having the Monster Aggro meter helps you in this.

What the icons means
Red Square - You have aggro
Orange Arrow pointing Downwards - You are very close to getting aggro
Yellow Arrow pointing Upwards - You are losing aggro
Green Circle - Low aggro

4. The HP/MP/TP is brought above the hotkeys from the default layout because you want to keep an eye on your mana bar at all time. It is very easy to lose track of this when you go through a very healing intensive phase and forget to pop shroud.
But if you have a very good Bard, they will usually start singing Mage Ballad once you have lesser than half MP. Of course this is UNLIKELY because they always think they are DPSers and not Utility/Support class. So remember to request for your Bard to sing once you see your MP bar in the low 30-40%.

5. The other HUD are a matter of personal preference, so nothing much to explain there.