WHM Guide

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How to WHM
Here’s 10 things you must know as a WHM.

1. Regen is an aggro bitch, never cast it on a tank before a pull
Always remember, enmity in FFXIV is very different from other MMO. Tanks need time to build enmity, instead of immediately getting it like other MMOs.

2. Use Stoneskin on a tank before a pull.
This gives your tank (especially PLD) some time to build enmity before you start healing him. Otherwise you will most likely peel off mobs from your tank. Also cast it the end of a trash pull for the next pull.

3. Overhealing = Waste MP and gain aggro.
The hardest thing for most WHM is to get over our OCD to top up the tank to full. Because of our big heals, we always tend to overheal. Try to practice keeping your tank at 90-95% and let Regen do its job for you.

4. Get Swiftcast (THM Lv 26), Virus (ACN 12) and Eye for an Eye (ACN 34) immediately.
Swiftcast is godsent and Eye for an Eye gives you more mitigation for your tank. Do not underestimate what it can do for you especially when your tank is getting hit by multiple mobs. Likewise, Virus help reduces the damage it does on tank.
Do not be afraid to use Swiftcast, use it whenever you need to get a Heal or AOE heal out asap. Sometimes I Swiftcast Protect after a player gets Raised, so he has some protection.

5. Shroud of Saints does 2 things - Regenerates MP and Reduces your Enmity.
Pop it all the time for MP regen (212 MP per tick). Sometimes it’s not worth saving it as an enmity reset. As long as you don’t overheal, and don’t cast Regen on phases where the boss resets his aggro (ie Jump phases in Titan, or Dreadnought drops in Turn 4) you should be safe.

6. If you need to do a burst AOE-heal very quickly (ie Titan Enraged Tumult phase) cast Medica 2 first, then Swiftcast then Medica 1.
You may need to pop Shroud of Saints to manage your aggro a little.

7. In 8-man parties with a SCH/SMN, Try to always let them Ress players first.
They have better mana management than us. A Raise from us is 800mp lost. Remember to communicate this with your scholar first. Tell them they should always be on ress duty unless their Swiftcast is on cooldown.

8. Holy is pretty godlike in AOE situations.

Use it for trash mobs.

9. If there’s a shitty DPS who keep pulling mobs before the tank even grabs aggro or constantly standing in aoe circles, sometimes it’s good to let them die. ;)

10. WHM are Gods. Think like one, act like one, heal like one.