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Alerting yourself for Freecure Procs


One of our most important procs to keep tab of, is Freecure. Freecure procs when we cast Cure and it gives us a free Cure II. Generally the most mana efficient way is to keep casting Cure, get a Freecure proc and then cast Cure II. But sometimes we may miss or forget to use it and it goes to waste.

There are 2 ways to help you solve this problem. (Ich hab den Audio Teil rausgenommen weil man dafür ne App brauch und ich mir nicht sicher bin ob SE das so unterstützt -> FFXIV-APP) Visual and Audio. I use both methods to keep my Freecure in check.

1st methods is to make a hotbar that sit next to your character. This gives you a bigger visual cue, as compared to it sitting on your bottom hotbar.

Refer to the picture on the right on where I put my hotbar to visually alert me on procs and cooldowns.